Anonymous asked:

Question: Ive dyed my hair blue this past weekend and the blue comes off on my ears and neck. And on my face/hands when i wake up in the morning. Any idea why/how to stop it? :/

Wash you’re hair with shampoo and rise it out. Look down and rise it out till color stops coming out in the water. Once the water is clear, put a lot if conditioner in it and rinse that out, if there’s still color in it, wait till color stops coming out again then blow dry it when you get out. The color will come out a bit every time you wash your hair and sweat a lot for the first week or so, the best thing you can do is just wash it really good in the shower. :/ sorry.

magickeyboard asked:

Hey so I decided to not go anon because I'm feeling risky today ;D So I just want to say your style is absolutely fabulous, and you seem pretty awesome yourself. So I actually have a question, a random question but nonetheless... What was your favorite date you've ever been on? C:

Thankyou, I’m very flattered :-) No need to be shy, it’s just Tumblr :p Anywho, hmm.. The best date I’ve been on.
.. I’d say my first date with my fiancé. We had only just recently met but were both super nervous and I wasn’t sure if he was into me, but I thought he was Gorgeous. We went to a movie and it took me forever to get the nerve to try to touch his hand, but he didn’t reject it, he started caressing my hand and it was this awesome sense of relief and excitement. Just silent, intimate physical contact for the first time with just our hands that made my heart race the whole rest of the movie. It was an amazing date that ended even more amazingly and we’ve continued to have amazing dates ever since.